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About us:

Welcome to the Duckworks Boat Builders Supply! I suspect that this was in the back of Chuck’s mind when he created Duckwork’s Magazine. As a boatbuilder, he was already aware of the expense and often the difficulty of finding certain hardware and other parts necessary to boatbuilding. “What if”, he said to me one day, “we had an online store?”

Our major suppliers are Seadog, Racelite, Ronstan and Challenge. We have many small hardware and gear suppliers as well plus all of the more than 36 designers whose plans we sell and whose boats we build ourselves.

We have stainless hardware of every description.  We have every sort of high quality plastic cleat and camcleat and padeye and even some handy little pop rivetsDeckplates, deck blocks, LED lights, bimini hardware out the wazoo.  We stock sailcloth, thread, thimbles, needles, grommets, palms and grommet toolsLineand shock cord are relatively new items, and we have nylon, polyester, Dyneema and Manillo in stock.  We have cheap chip brushes for the impatient people like Chuck and I.  We have a great supplier of epoxy and all the related epoxy supplies

Did I mention boat plans?  This is where it all starts and whether you want to build one perfect boat or just keep adding onto the boat shed like we do everytime we finish a new boat, we think you will find what you are looking for from the designers we represent.   

You can find just about everything you need from start to finish, and if we don’t have it, we generally know where you should go to look.  Duckworks Magazine is the perfect companion to the store.  Yes, we know it is like in house advertising, and we hope you can find the answers to all your boat building questions there, because our contributors have been there, done that, and they have been incredibly generous in sharing their victories and their mistakes and we thank you all!

We are open to suggestions and we appreciate all the information coming our way.  We do try to find items that cannot be easily found at the big hardware stores.  We do our best to keep our prices low.  We thank your all for your business! 

Chuck and Sandra Leinweber