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International shipping
Phone orders
Site Security
Technical Questions


Q: Can I pick my order up at the warehouse?

A:We are open for business at 826 East Park Street. If you plan to come by our warehouse to pick up an order we request that you place your order online and choose the "WILL CALL - WAREHOUSE PICK UP" option from the shipping/handling dropdown (see illustration below) This way, we have your order ready for you to pickup when you arrive.

Will Call hours are 3:30-5PM Weekdays

Q: How will my order be shipped?

A: We use primarily USPS Priority mail. Most packages are small, and for residential deliveries, this is more economical than UPS. We do occasionally use UPS for larger shipments, and will also use UPS if specifically requested. Please ask if you would like express shipping. We will calculate any extra charges and get back to you.

Q: Is first class shipping possible?

A: We can ship first class up to 13 ounces. After 13 ounces, the priority rate automatically applies. Please ask if you are ordering small, light items, and we will check. We can also ship parcel select on some larger itemsówe just have to check weights and dimensions with postal requirements.

Q: How is the shipping amount calculated?

A: Shipping is calculated by weight. If you feel the shipping is excessive, please let us know and we will see if we can give you a better rate—sometimes the weight settings we have are incorrect, and it helps us to set those more accurately.

Q: How quickly will my order arrive?

A: We are a small operation, and while we do our best to ship promptly, but we cannot promise same or even next day shipping at all times.

And if you wait until the last minute to order parts, there is a chance you will be disappointed--some parts might be on backorder, or we will be out of the office for a day or two and shipping will be delayed. We always try to let customers know about backorders--which are largely out of our control. We also post a notice when we will not be shipping for a week or more.

A note about express or overnight shipping. We are rural, and 30 miles from the nearest UPS shipping office--we will not be making a special trip to that office. We can ship express mail most of the time, but it is not guaranteed to arrive the next day. You will have to ask us for express mail.

International shipping

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes—just enter the items you want and then the correct region in the shopping cart to see your shipping cost.

Q:  Are all items available for international shipping?

A:  No—we cannot ship epoxy, fiberglass cloth, paints or other liquid items internationally.  Some large items such as the sticky stuff dispenser and the scarfing sleds are also only available with a shipping quote.  Please check the page of the item you wish to order to see if there are international restrictions.

Q: Why is international shipping so expensive?

A: We typically use priority mail for international shipping because we have found it to be the most reliable method. We also add insurance to most large international shipments—if lost, we will be able to reship your items.
If we find that we can ship your package in a flat rate box, we will do that and refund the extra shipping. You can certainly ask us if we think your order will fit in a flat rate box.

Q: Can you ship my international order first class?

A: Small items (under 4 pounds), can sometimes ship first class for less that flat rate priority.  We will ship first class if asked, but we cannot predict time in transit (can be slow). Delivery confirmation is now available for some countries. Please inquire about first class shipping:

Email: or


Q: How will I know if my order went through?

A: If you receive an automatic order confirmation from our shopping cart (shortly after the order is placed), your order went through. If not, the order may not have completed. We will send a separate shipping confirmation when your order is shipped.  Please do note that you will not receive a confirmation if you not give us your actual email address.  We do not share email addresses.

Phone orders

Q: Can I call you with my credit card number?

A: Yes, we will be happy to take your credit card number over the phone when you choose "I will call you with my credit card information" when you check out. Call 888-683-1930

Q: Can I place my order over the phone?

A: Yes, but we prefer you at least fill out the order online as in the answer above. We can take your whole order on the phone but this method is prone to mistakes being made when we write down your address, zip, email, CC number, etc.

Site Security

Q: Is ordering from your site secure?

A: Yes. When you reach the part of the shopping cart that asks for your credit card information, look for the padlock icon in the bottom right corner. This is your assurance of security.

Q: Will you share my email with anyone else?

A: No. If you ask to be added to our newsletter list, we will add you to that, but otherwise your email exists only in our customer data files.

Q: Why do you need my phone number?

A: Phone numbers are essential for epoxy orders as UPS and DHL usually require one from the shipper. We may also need your phone number so that we can call you if there is a question about your order. We will typically try your email address first, but so often our inquiries are lost to spam filters that it is nice to have the phone number as well.

Technical Questions

Q: Do any of the boat building supplies or hardware come with instructions for installation or use?

A: No, most do not (a few do). We assume you are buying hardware or supplies because you are building a boat and know how to use or install this stuff. Some of the gear and tools come with information from the manufacturers, but by and large you will receive just the item you ordered. That said, we do our best to answer specific questions about the items we sell either before or after purchase. (you can write Chuck with technical questions at: - please be patient as he gets a lot of questions and may be a day or two in responding)
The internet is also a great place to find videos and written instructions about installations, etc.


Q: Does Duckworks have sales?

A: No. It is that simple. We think of ourselves as suppliers of plans, hardware, supplies, etc to boat builders. We do not think of ourselves as business school marketers (none of us has a business degree) whoses life's goal is to maximize profit and growth. We do not pour over charts all day and nor do we agonize over the bottom line. What we do attempt to do is to supply hard to find boat building stuff to boat builders at the lowest prices we feel we can and with the best service we know how to provide. At the same time we use common sense and thrift to keep our business on its feet.

Sandra, Duckworks