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All sails are sewn and have solid brass spur grommets. Sail bags and hardware (jib hanks, slides, slugs, etc) are NOT included.

Ready Made Sails:

The following sails are made up ahead of time and are usually in stock. All other sails are made to order and are listed below.

Scamp RSS Sails
Anchor Riding Sail Stock sails from the Duckworks loft

Made to Order Sails

We offer custom made sails for the specific sails listed below or you can order any custom sail by following the "Custom Sails" link. These sails are professionally made of 3.8 oz. (white, tanbark or egyptian cotton colored), 4.9 oz. (white only), or 5.5 oz. Dacron sailcloth (white, tanbark or egyptian cotton).

Scroll down for information about colors.

Custom Sails
Sails for Jim Michalak Designs
Sails for John Welsford Designs
Sails for Michael Storer Designs
Sail for S.C.A.M.P.
Sails for Weekender
Sails for Pacific Pelican
Sails for 12' San Francisco Bay Pelican
Sail for Flapdoodle
Anchor Riding Sail



Send my praises to your sailmaker!  Way better than expected.  I used to race, and these remind me of a new suit of racing dacrons (just, in the cool, tanbark color!).  Of course, I don't have the spars built yet, so haven't been able to try them out, but they are beautiful, well made, with fine marks of craftsmanship.  I'll recommend y'all to anyone I know who needs sails. 

All best,

Scott M


About Tanbark and Egyptian Cotton Colored Sailcloth:

Experience has taught us that different weights of sailcloth will vary in shade even though they are the same "color". Different weights, dye lots and suppliers yield different results.

from left to right: European 5 0z. Tanbark - US 5.5 oz. Tanbark
US 3.8 oz. Tanbark - US 5.5 oz. Egyptian - US 3.8 oz. Egyptian - US White

In the photo above are three Tanbark and two Egyptian swatches with white for comparison. The darker Tanbark is from a European supplier and looks almost Chocolate until it is hoisted as a sail at which point it looks like any other Tanbark. The other samples are made in the US, but vary somewhat by weight. Even different dye lots will have different shades.

Various Tanbark sails at Raid Finland

In the photo above, you will see three different boats with three different shades of Tanbark sails. This should give you an idea that the colors we offer represent a range rather than a specific shade.



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Got the Goat Island Skiff launched Saturday. Light wind, but otherwise a good day. I was impressed with the good shape of the Duckworks sail, especially since this was the initial use and the wind never got over 6-8 and was usually less. Didn't seem to need much adjustment. I've attached a picture that shows the sail and the codes from a video I uploaded to YouTube.

Olivier was quite the proud papa as he sailed Tiffany around.

Gary Blankenship



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I had a chance to sail the Piccup this weekend. The boat sails beautifully. It points quite high into the wind and sails at all other points very well.
This I credit largely to the sail. I am very pleased with the sail and believe it performs at least as well as the Bohndell sail I have for my AF3. Thanks for all of you help in getting the sail to me so quickly.

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Chris F